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Welcome to our private professional kennel site Niksend! We are: the owner and director of the kennel, cynologist, expert judge of RKF, the managing directior of “Collie club” – Yelena Hroshina and co-owner of the kennel, a valuable assistant in all undertakings, professional hair-dresser and stylist Anna Panphilova.

Yelena Hroshina

Елена Хрошина и Никсэнд Глориэс Стар

Anna Panphilova

Анна Панфилова
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The main line of the kennel’s activity is breeding our favourite breed long-haired collie. We have been keeping this breed since 1989, the first litter of collies was in 1992. Nowadays, collie Niksend show stable and perfect results at the most prestigious exhibitions in Russia winning not only within a breed but also at the Best-in-Show championships.

Our dogs include: International  Champions, Grand Champions, Champions of Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Moldova, National Breed club. The kennel track records contain dozens of titles “the best kennel at the exhibition”. According to the  results of the 2005 and 2006 years, our  kennel was acknowledged as “The Best Collie Kennel” in Russia. All the bitches and  certainly, the sires of our  kennel have the Champion of  Russia title.

Питомник "Никсэнд"  Лучший питомник  Всероссийской выставки всех пород
Питомник "Никсэнд " Лучший питомник межрегиональной
Никсэнд Хэдвей Ту Хейт Лучший юниор Национальной выставки шпицев

In 1998 we enlarged our kennel, adding to our favorite collies: keeshond (Wolfspitz) and German small and tiny (Pomeranian) spitzes, and in 2004- papillions. We have been quite successful in breeding there breeds. Thus, keeshonds are serious competitors at the exhibitions of all levels. They are regular prize- winners and winners of BIG and BIS.

Никсэнд Харди Хоуп и Никсэнд Николас Кейдж Лучшая пара выставки всех пород

Our kennel operates within RKF system and strictly observes “The Regulation of RKF on breeding”.

Our goal in breeding is focused on the following idea:”Small is beautiful” or “Fewer but better”.

Bitches and males, in particular, are  to conform to the strictest requirements: excellent  health, healthy mind, high pedigree and interesting  family background by all means free of all hereditary illnesses and flaws of figure. The young of the kennel are sorted out in the most thorough way, following  the above criteria. We look for the suitable male mater for our bitches, never otherwise. So, we quite often do the pairing outside  the kennel in other cities and abroad.

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You can learn about our kennel background and  history and the  process  of breeding in more detail in the section “History”. Our kennel is located in the suburbs  of  Moscow within 15 km from MCM, not far from the town of Lubertsy. Access is a convenient both by public transport and by car. The dogs dwell on quite a vast territory. Collies live in spacious open-air cages with personal  paddock. The rest of the dogs and puppies are placed  in special heated premises and in the house. Despite  having free paddock within the whole day, we make it a point to take our dogs out twice a day in a field which stretches right out of our patch. Occasionally we add  special  physical exercise, for instance, following the bicycle or a horse. In addition we focus on socializing and grooming puppies and teenage dogs.

На прогулке
На прогулке

Our cult is wholesome well-balanced feeding which includes excellent quality German fodder “Bosh” of super-premium class as well as natural food meat dairy products, eggs, cereals with obligatory adding of high-quality minerals and vitamins best to maintain our dogs in optimal physical shape. We regularly carry out dehelmentization, vaccination and antivermin  treatment using the best imported medication and agents.

Чемпион  Никсэнд Биг-Тайм  на дрессировочной площадке

Для того, чтобы стать владельцем щенка из "Никсэнд" совершенно не обязательно иметь опыт в собаководстве или, тем более, являться заводчиком и планировать в будущем щенку племенную и выставочную карьеру. Безусловно, мы с радостью отдадим щенка профессионалу. Начинающему заводчику или совсем новичку, желающему посещать с обакой выставки, окажем всевозможную поддержку и реальную помощь. И будем радоваться успехам "наших детей" вместе с их владельцами.
Но! Для нас это не главное. А главное - это любящие, заботливые и ответственные "руки", которые захотят и смогут обеспечить полноценную и счастливую жизнь нашим щенкам.

Мы очень надеемся, что Вам понравится у нас сайте и, возможно, возникнет желание посетить наш питомник. Мы всегда рады гостям!!!
Коллеги, единомышленники и просто любители наших прекрасных пород - мы всегда открыты к общению. Вы всегда можете написать или позвонить нам!
8-916-134-62-85 или 8-916-062-75-56

Приятного просмотра! И удачи!!!

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